Mill Falls at the Lake | The Perfect Venue

Mill Falls at the Lake | The Perfect Venue

I’ve been on the Mill Falls at the Lake (church landing) preferred vendor list for a number of years and I continue to be impressed by the quality of work that comes from my colleagues. This brochure is completely comprised of work by those photographers… and it’s top notch. I am an experience professional and I am inspired by these images. I hope you will be too. And when Mill Falls says they are the perfect venue…it’s because it is true. There just really isn’t a better lake front wedding venue in NH!

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The Importance of Wedding Photographs

The Importance of Wedding Photographs

Time is a theme in every photograph. A photograph freezes time, it preseNHWeddingPhotographerrves it, it even allows us to rewind it. This is why we photograph our most precious life events, so we can hang onto those moments. I recently received a call from a client, Shawn, whose wedding I photographed back in 2012. I could tell by his voice, something was wrong. He told me his wife of less than 3 years was terminally ill and she had two weeks to live.

I remember Shawn and Karen’s wedding day very clearly. It was a perfect summer day, hot, blue sky and great people. It was a second marriage, they were kind, affectionate and so happy. It was a wedding for all the right reasons, celebrating family and life. Shawn told me that during the last days of Karen’s life they spent time looking through their wedding album and reliving that day. It breaks my heart to think of Karen’s death and Shawn’s sadness.

Recently, I learned of the sudden and unexpected death of someone special to me, Michael Stone. The first thing I wanted to do was find a picture of him. I just IMG_7231wanted to see him again. The photo I had was from his youngest son (one of my best friend’s) wedding in 2006. He is smiling, next to his wonderful wife, so strong, vibrant and proud. The photo transports me back to this moment. I can smell the grass, I can hear the applause. It feels good to see Michael in this photo…and sad.

I have taken many photographs of people who are no longer alive and all of those photos I’ve taken at weddings.

At many times I find myself at odds with the wedding industry. I believe the industry can be an envy1620 machine that drives up perceived needs for often very unnecessary things. The wedding industry can be shameless in it’s manipulation: You’ve waited your whole life for this day. That phrase makes me want to scream, because the essence of it is true: your wedding day (as a couple) only happens once. It is only once in your life that you will plan an entire day to celebrate with the people most important to you. Your details, your venue, etc., although nice, trust me I love to photograph them, just pale in comparison to what is really important: the people you chose to spend this day with.

You may have heard the cynical phrase: weddings aren’t about the couple getting married. Well, yes 11.2.13-440.3of course they are, but they are also about time, friendship and family for everyone who attends. Weddings are about our mortality and about setting the intention for how we wish to live our life. Weddings are beautiful when we remember what they are about: life.

The Buddhists say we are all just one breath away from death. I am so grateful for the life I am living and the time I get to freeze for people to rewind and visit those they love even after they pass.

Woodstock Station & Brewery | Ashley & Gabe

Woodstock Station & Brewery | Ashley & Gabe

Ashley and Gabe exchanged vows in Cascade Park just across the street from the Woodstock Station and Brewery. They shared their day with their combined 3 kids in a tender and heartfelt ceremony. The reception took place across the street at the Station with warm food and cold beer. Truly a lovely wedding. Congratulations Ashley and Gabe!!

















Church Landing: It’s never too late

Church Landing: It’s never too late
It’s never too late to live happily ever after.

“It’s never too late..” was the message throughout Hope and Joe’s long-awaited wedding at Church Landing. It is wonderful to photograph a wedding that is heartfelt, honest and appreciated. Most weddings are these things but in some weddings it is more palpable than others. This was one of those weddings. Congratulations Hope and Joe!!

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A Festival of Shutters

A Festival of Shutters

I just spent the last week in St. Louis Missouri at a relatively new photography convention called ShutterFest. ShutterFest was created by the visionary Sal Cincotta with the pure intention of giving back to the photography community. And giving back he has done. ShutterFest is an unconvention that offers small group classes and tons of hands-on learning opportunities in a stunning location. I was lucky enough to be a speaker at this year’s event and the only downside to that is I wish I had more time to go to more of the classes! This is definitely on my list for next year!

Here are some of the photos I got to take at my classes Posing Two Brides and Posing Two Grooms.

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