Groveland Fairways and Newburyport MA: Shannon & Jamie

Groveland Fairways and Newburyport MA: Shannon & Jamie

I continue to be amazed by the beauty of the couples and their families that I get to photograph. It is truly a gift to me to get to know couples like Shannon and Jamie. Shannon and Jamie are kind, easy-going, fun and caring. In addition to all these wonderful characteristics, they had a wedding that celebrated and honored family.

To me, weddings are about family. The family we are born to and the friends we adopt as family along the way. Weddings are a celebration of life, where we’ve come from and where we hope to go. This wedding was all of those things.

Both John (my fav. second photographer) and I found ourselves fighting back tears throughout the day and night: When Shannon gave Jamie a piece of his late mother’s jewelry; When Jamie signed his toast to his hearing impaired in-laws. We were in the presence of true beauty, and true beauty, is so rare and so special. I hope Shannon and Jamie stay beautiful forever!

Venue: Groveland Fairways, Goveland MA

Portraits: Newburyport, MA

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Back from Vegas

Back from Vegas

And New England never felt so sweet to return to! Every Spring I travel to Las Vegas, Nevada for the Wedding and Portrait International Convention and Tradeshow. It’s exhausting and exhilarating. This year, I had the honor of presenting on “Posing Two Brides or Two Grooms.” I’ve become a bit of an expert on best practices for serving same-sex couples after co-authoring the book: The New Art of Capturing Love.  It was amazing to be part of this crew of educators!  Seriously, these are the best of  wedding photographers in the world.

Possibly the best part of presenting was that I had the opportunity to photograph this couple as part of my presentation.  They turned out to be amazing to work with and I had so much fun walking around the MGM Grand Resort and making these portraits!

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Info and Inspiration

Many years ago I made a wedding magazine instead of a brochure because I thought I could provide a bunch more information and inspiration in the magazine format.  I’ve just updated that magazine with new photos.  Check it out here and if you’d like a printed copy, just email me your address.


Free Engagement Session for Valentine’s Day

Free Engagement Session for Valentine’s Day

Let us take care of your Valentine’s Day gift.  Enter below to win a free engagemGunstockMountainEngagementPhotoent session!  An engagement session is a one hour couple’s portrait session at a mutually agreeable location. I’ve done them at Fenway Park, Newburyport MA or right here in the beautiful white mountains. The winner will be announced on Friday Feb. 13 and a gift certificate will be emailed so you can give it to your beloved on Valentines Day.Good luck!

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Introducing…The Best of Both Worlds – Film and Digital Hybrid Package

Introducing…The Best of Both Worlds – Film and Digital Hybrid Package

When I graduated from Hampshire College in 2001 with a BA in photography and anthropology, there was no such thing as digital photography. Okay, really there was, but it was not yet accessible. It was expensive and the quality was yet to be proven. I spent over a decade photographing with film. It was my life.  By 2003 all this had changed and digital cameras were looking pretty good. In 2004 when I started photographing weddings I quickly became an avid digital photographer.

The single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it.-Ansel Adams

It is true that the photographer is the most important piece to making a beautiful photograph.  But part of the photographer’s skill is Film Portrait Photography being able to select the best equipment and know how to use it to create the desired effect.  And here we are at a time when the camera in the iPhone 6 is higher quality then the first pro digital camera I owned back in ’04.  That is truly amazing to me!

As a professional photographer I want to offer my clients the best possible service and imagery available.  The truth is that no matter how good digital is, it ain’t got nothing on traditional film photography.  Nothing compares to the quality and clarity of analogue film photography.  Now, here is the exciting part… We can have our cake and eat it too!  Starting in 2015,  I will begin to offer the best of both worlds with a film/digital hybrid package.

The package includes myself (Thea Dodds) photographing in digital (35mm), medium format (6×7) film and large format (4×5) film and my second photographer photographing in all digital (35mm). Not only does film deliver a higher quality image, but because the size of the negative is larger then the digital camera, the amount of detail increases.  In addition, all of the film images are scanned and delivered on an flash drive with full rights to reproduce. So this is truly the best of both worlds!

Would you like a custom quote for your wedding?  Just complete the form below, or call, or email.  Thanks!!