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Thea is incredible!!! I absolutely loved having her shoot our wedding, we really hardly noticed her throughout the ceremony and reception. Pictures were really important to me, they and the rings are the only things to last beyond the day itself… Her fee was over half the cost of our total budget and we would pay that again gladly, she was worth every cent!!! We were surprised at all the moments she caught because we didn’t notice her around at the time. The final product was even more spectacular. Thea’s photos made it look like we spent a million bucks!

Thea frames each shot like a fine art shot, not just documenting or posed.

Thea totally maximizes natural light and even shots where she used a flash it is barely perceivable in the final product. She also exercised great discretion (by not capturing the chain link fence in the background by the power station at the beach where we were hitched), and allowed time for privacy.

She totally flowed at our pace.

I honestly cannot say enough greatness about Thea, her manner, professionalism, etc. She really is a Platinum Standard in wedding photography… I was soooooo lucky to find her!

– Kate & Erik

Erin Linsky

I first became interested in Authentic Eye Photography because they are a very eco-conscious business. Thea, the owner and head photographer, even gives you a discount for using other environmentally friendly vendors! Thea was incredibly kind, professional, and unintrusive on the wedding day. She also took the most beautiful photographs that captured so many candid moments. I am amazed by her talent. While she was not the least expensive photographer we looked at, I am so happy that we made the decision to go with Thea – the quality and service of her work made it well worth it.
—Erin Linsky

Thea was great – she was so professional and organized. We wanted more of a photojournalistic take on the day and that’s exactly what we got. Her shots of the guests, the scenery, the events, and the details were incredible. She was also so unobtrusive in our day that we hardly noticed she was there most of the time until we saw our proofs and realized she had been everywhere and captured everything! Her album making process is also very user-friendly and we were able to have a lot of say in how we wanted it to look, yet also be guided on what might look best from her perspective – which was very helpful when there are so many amazing photos to choose from. Our package also included an engagement shoot which was so much fun and a great way for us to get to know each other before the wedding day. She is also just a kind, sweet person and lovely to work with. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a wedding photographer.

—Emily & Kristen Keenan

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